• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Cochise School District #26 is to provide comprehensive, success-oriented learning activities for all students. These opportunities are designed to develop the student's potential in academic ability, physical well-being and social development. We strive to prepare our youngsters in all areas - social, emotional, physical and mental as we work to promote high academic standards.

  • Educational Philosophy

    The purpose of the Cochise School District educational system is to prepare the youth of our community for useful and meaningful futures by taking each pupil where he or she may be and developing each to his/her fullest potential within a healthy and safe atmosphere. To realize this goal, this district recognizes the following responsibilities:

    • To provide the fundamental and traditional aspects of education; as well as apply critical thinking skills to daily life.
    • To encourage the development of self-discipline, responsibility, and self-esteem.
    • To train our youth in the process of logical thinking so that they are able to make reasonable, rational choices and judgments throughout their lives.
    • To provide role models that students can respect and emulate, and to foster awareness of and the creation of a realistic value system.
    • To stimulate a desire for continued growth on a personal, educational, and vocational level.